Da Hong Pao 大红袍

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Adorned with golden robes, a ruler’s image; the great Hong Pao tree, forever fragrant If Wu Yi Mountain is a great feature of Fu Jian, then Wu Yi Stone tea is the irreplaceable product of FuJian. Da Hong Pao, is the most outstanding Wu Yi Stone tea, holding an important title.

Regarding the Da Hong Pao’s history, you must hear this story:

During the Ming Dynasty, a rushing scholar was passing through Wu Yi Mountain and experienced stomachaches. Luckily, he got help from a nearby monk. The monk brewed previous tea leaves for the scholar’s use, and his pain gradually subsided. He then continued ruhsing to his examination in the capital. After passing his examination with flying colours, he was eternally grateful to the monk, and asked about the origins of the precious tea leaves. The scholar undraped the red robe, Hong Pao, from his body and draped it over the tea tree. Since then, people called it the Da Hong Pao,
or the “Champion’s Tea”.

Da Hong Pao grows on Wu Yi Mountain 600 meters above sea level on steep rocky terrain. Due to its environment, plant life there is scare, and the Da Hong Pao is crowded with various flowers. “Noble like an orchid”, a faint and flowery scent accompanies the Da Hong Pao as it matures, infusing its
tea leaves with fragrance.

Da Hong Pao can withstand multiple brews. Even after six to seven brews with hot water, it still emanates its uncontested fragrance from the tea cup. The Da Hong Pao has thick features, its leaves among the red and green, take a small handful and brew it directly in hot water. Let it settle of five minutes and you can enjoy a cup of fresh, bright tea. As it enters your mouth, the satisfying flavor will retain on your tongue, and you
experience a wash of fragrance overflowing your mouth.

Don’t worry, this is the Da Hong Pao showcasing its abilities within you, the fresh and everlasting flowery fragrance asserting dominance on your tastebuds.

Wu Yi Mountain’s Da Hong Pao gradually attracted the people’s attention. Da Hong Pao, Wu Long Tea’s greatest variant, known and fonded by many, it is also the epitome of the quality of tea.